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Overseas Recognition Coaching & Gap Training

Coaching From Qualified & Experienced Electrcians.

Everything You Need & More To Understand The Electrical Standards In Victoria.

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Please note, all attendees must provide proof of COVID-19 double vaccination upon attending your first class.


This course provides coaching on the overseas recognition qualification for recent electricians from overseas that have moved to Victoria and wish to continue their trade as an electrician. We provide coaching/training on the theory & practical requirements of electrical standards in order to conduct electrical work here in Victoria.

Career Pathways

After completing requirements & assessment with vetassess, you’ll be required to undertake Gap Training as part of this overseas recognition course, then required to undertake the LET & LEP courses before conducting the A-Grade assessment to be officially recognized as an A-Grade Electrician in Victoria, where you will be able to conduct and provide services as a qualified electrician.

Entry Requirements

Currently, have a licence to conduct electrical work overseas from the previous country of origin/stay; and must be approved by vetassess prior to commencing course. All attendees must provide proof of COVID-19 double vaccination upon attending first your class.


Theory & Practical coaching and assessment for each module in this course will be undertaken in a real, or closely simulated workplace environment to give you the best-simulated experience for when you undertake the assessments.


With no more than 10 people per class, you can learn and focus on the areas you need the most help with to get you across the line.


Theory can be hard and confusing, so we’ll explain it in a way that you can relate too, making it more simpler.


Hands-on training & coaching from senior industry electricians that have seen and done it all & are here to help you.


We cater for all electrical / testing & installations in the workplace, both theory & practical.

Check out what our past students say about us

absolutely the best place to go and sit for your exams .. all the staff where such great quality and so knowledgeable.. from teachers to reception .. can have a laugh and still learn so much .. 🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
they help you out no matter what your struggling with and i 100% garantee will pass first go !! especially if I did 😁

10000% recommend these guys
and think they should start a school up for teaching the full electrical cert

love you guys heaps thanks again for everything !! and ALL the help
keep in touch !!
Nelly S.
The crew at eta are all amazing from the office staff to the teachers. I was super nervous to sit my final exams but doing training with these guys cleared all that up.
Such a great place to go and tune up your skills.
Ill defiantly be recommending ETA to anyone looking to upskill or train and prepare for there exams in the future.
Ryan E.
Absolute 5 star service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all teachers are super knowledgeable Dom is an absolute legend and Pat is too. Awesome team of people always enjoy training here.
Nicholas H.
Best place with the best teachers, passed all 3 exams on my first go, couldn’t have done so without the tutoring. Thank you so much for getting me ready
Chris D.
i have language barrier but i passed my exams first time .it couldn't possible without ETA 🙏
So He I.
Couldnt have passed my exams without them ! learnt so much from them. Would only choose ETA and would recommend them to everyone. Special thanks to the teachers Dom, Steve and Dom for making me an electrition, Also Bianca ! she is so helpful and supportive! couldn't have passed my exams without the ETA family.
Elainea S.
When it came down to the final 3 LEA Exams ETA night school you guys are the best thanks for everything 🙏
Daniel T.
Best training ever for getting your A Grade better than a normal tafe can't recommend enough
Jayden S.
I've just completed SWP & LET course & l found that l learnt far more in those 2 courses than l ever did at trade school.
l would highly recommend doing these courses before you sit your exams.
Mark P.
These people are very professional. I would recommend any tech..they are the best if you need a refresher for your LEA or LEI.
Once again big thanks to Domniq ,Mark and Andi.
Today i have become a REC with the help of these guys..cheers.
Asween P.
Heard great things about ETA so had to book my refreshers there. Passed all my assessments thanks to the crew, they genuinely want you to pass and are passionate about what they teach. Thank you Dom, Mark and Andrew!
Gürhan G.
Did my LEP with Dom and the guys down at ETA. Could not recommened them anymore. Passed first time around with no dramas. Thanks again ETA!
James C.
I did my SWP , LET & LEP revision with these guys. And passed each one first time. Thanks to Dom and the team at ETA, you put the extra effort in!
Dave D.
I owe the guys down at ETA alot because they've single handledly helped me complete my apprentiship and become an A grade electrician. I've done the standard courses at tafe and they don't compare to how detailed a teacher Dom is! He walks you through step by step in great detail exactky how to pass the exams, And he actually cares about how you go!
Don't waste your money at tafes, go here if you want to get your A grade!
Andrew C.
Well structured courses and excellent communication which gave me every thing i needed to complete my lea assessments. I highly recommend ETA. Thanks guys
Jamie M.
Excellent service great tutoring, highly recommended!
Ardian M.

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