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Our vision, what we stand for

Here at Electrical Training Academy (ETA) our mission is to provide sound knowledge & skill sets, for professionals and students alike, to be competent in all aspects of the electrical industry. Founded and run by electricians with over 25 years industry experience, our teachers work hard to ensure the most important and useful knowledge and skill sets are and can be taught to our students.

The courses we run explain and demonstrate the skills and knowledge in an easier to understand method while delivering the same if not better results than traditional electrical training.

What makes ETA different to traditional electrical training & education?

First and foremost all our teachers & trainers have a minimum 10 years’ experience in the industry if we are teaching something we have done it before in and out of practical application in the industry.

Secondly, we place a lot of focus on ensuring before you as an individual sit the test/exam, that you’re 100% ready.

Why do we do it?

Having been in the industry for so long, we have noticed a large increase in qualified, but poorly skilled and experienced electricians who finish their apprenticeships and go out offering work and services for a lot of tasks they have or haven’t actually experienced before.

Given the level of involvement and risk at stake for any electrician if the proper steps are taken, we want to help forge a new generation of electrician’s to ensure their safety and their clients.

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